Sunday, August 26, 2012


A blink
A moment
That is all we were to you
There are others just like us
Walking wounded
Sliced and diced
We are not unique

So cold you are
Casting your ripple upon this earth
No care to who is wounded by it
You stay the center
Living in your counterfeit pleasure 

Ashes you've left 
Blown to where is not your concern
You took what you could
Left the wounded dangling
Grasping to find their bearings

As you sit on the cold stone do you care
Or is that indifference in those eyes
Indifference for the lifetimes needed to find healing for the pain
Indifference for the innocence stolen
How do you live locked in your shell
How do you rob so casually

But the forgotten
The abandoned
The ones with scars cut into their flesh
Into their hearts
We have hope
Beauty can come from these ashes
We can be free from you

But you
Will you ever be free from the things that haunt you in the dark
The faces that whisper for you to stop in your dreams
Or do you even sleep
Where is your hope now that someone has noticed your cruelty.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

You are so strong and beautiful. I love u!